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You might think that the only things we grow are plants. But behind each expertly ripened bite is a quiet desire to nurture a lot more than produce. Equipped with our greenhouses and green thumbs, we’ve found a natural intersection between plants and technology.

Our passionate team brings decades of know-how, to find the right balance between delicious plates and a healthy planet. So next time you take Longvine home, you’re not just enjoying the fresh crunch of a cucumber or the vine-ripened flavor of a tomato. You’re savoring everything we put into it.

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Since our start we have provided products that are grown and harvested with care, resulting great taste and minimal environmental impact with the help and certification from:

a higher standard from the start

You expect our products to be delicious. You also expect them to be grown the right way. That’s why we have spent over 25 years learning, evolving, and leveraging technology to be better growers, and stewards of sustainability. This mindset of continuous improvement is important today and for generations to come.

Our history

fresh for people & for the planet

What We Do: We give more people access to the freshest, tastiest, cleanest, most responsibly grown produce available. Why We Do It? For the health of all people, and our planet. It’s a big job, and we’re up for it.

Our Farms

Longvine is a world-renowned greenhouse tomato grower with facilities in Mona, UT, Nogales, AZ, Loveland, CO, and partnerships in Western Canada and Mexico.

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