What’s the best way to store Longvine produce?

    It depends on the item, but most importantly, when talking tomatoes, they hate the refrigerator, it degrades their texture and flavor. STORE YOUR TOMATOES ON THE COUNTER OR IN THE PANTRY OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Peppers and Cucumbers can both be stored in the fridge, and any cut produce you are saving for later should be refrigerated.

    Is your produce organic?

    The majority of our produce is grown in a conventional, hydroponic system, however we have a number of growing partners who support our organic line which includes long English cucumbers, grape tomatoes and large tomatoes on the vine.

    Does Longvine grow produce year-round?

    Between our Utah base and our network of greenhouses and distribution centers in Western USA, Canada, and Mexico, we can service our customers year-round with the products that meet the Longvine Growing Co standards.

    How does Longvine grow and harvest its produce?

    We grow and harvest product with care, resulting in great taste and minimal environmental impact. We focus on sustainable farming practices that focus on energy conservation, water conservation, recycling waste energy, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

    What does Longvine grow and sell?

    Longvine and our partners grow a variety of tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers.

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