grown right

From day one



how it all started

In 2014, Longvine built its crown jewel facility in Mona, Utah. Situated adjacent to an existing Natural Gas Powerplant, the greenhouse is provided waste heat and CO2 from its industrial neighbor, furthering the sustainability profile and ability to grow fresh Utah tomatoes year-round. With a significant growing presence in the Western United States, we sought to take greater control of the our most important asset, our product. We understood our job was not done when the product was packed and left our farms. We needed to build strong direct relationships with retail partners and take control all the way through to the retail partner and subsequently we share responsibility all the way to when a consumer brings our products.

Business Expands

In 2015 a new CEO with international greenhouse experience, was hired and charged with completing the transition from being a great grower to becoming a “Supplier of Choice”. Through the addition of contemporary management, investment in people and technology were prioritized and in a few short years added more than 50 years of collective experience in management roles and upgraded critical systems for product quality and
assurance. With the right team in place, Longvine’s customer relationships were bolstered and we continued to evolve with both industry and consumer expectations, seeking out worker welfare and safety certification through the Equitable Food Initiative in 2017. Listening to our customers, we also acquired a sister company with an existing network of partner growers, so we could keep pace with retail demand, and ensure those growers had the systems and commitment to produce tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers that make our grade.





perfect conditions

In 2020 the original owner, exited the USA business, focusing on his Canadian growing operation, that still supplies Longvine as a partner grower. The change in ownership birthed the opportunity to bring Longvine Growing Co from our vines to your table.