Cocktail Cucumbers

Small, sweet and snappy, the cocktail cucumber is the smallest variety of cucumber. Refreshing and crunchy the cocktail cucumber is the perfect treat on a hot day to keep you cool and hydrated.

Greenhouse Grown For: Snacking

Crunchy and Refreshing

History and Usage

While small cucumbers have been linked as far back as the ancient Egyptians, where they were used for pickling, the cocktail cucumber variety became popular in the most recent century, and decade to be specific. These cucumbers are categorized as burpless which means their thin edible skin does not cause indigestion, and in turn less burps.
These small snackers are best paired with basil, cheese, watermelon, and dips like hummus. As a snack they are packed full of nutrition and water, which are great for hydration, skin, and good breath.